Checked Out

I just got a library card!

After living in San Francisco for almost 4 years, I finally registered with the San Francisco Public Library, and it was fairly painless. I filled out an online application, printed my form (at USF's library), and walked it down to the Park Branch. The only drawback is that my residential address doesn't match the address on my driver's license (the DMV needs to find a way to accommodate nomads), so my card is currently "provisional." But as soon as I show up with a piece of mail that has my name and address on it I will be free to check out materials to my heart's content.

SFPL's website could use some redesign work (some stuff is just hard to navigate), but it is user-friendly enough that I can pull information from it to blog for you fine people. And thus this is the first of what I hope will be many posts.

Just checked out: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (a Rick Steves travel DVD)


Ivan Chew said...

Four years and not a library member?! Shocking, I tell you! LOL. Well good for you, and I'm sure SFPL will be pleased. That you joined.

Sara said...

I know! I can't believe it myself! In my defense, I did *use* a library during those four year - the university library. However, USF's library has a (not so surprising) lack of books on canning, so to the public library I went.

I've been reading your posts on the Singapore Police, and once finals are over I'll find some time to share my thoughts. :-)