Checked Out / Checked In

Checked Out: Germany's Black Forest and Cologne, Germany, Swiss Alps & travel skills, Jonestown: the life and death of People's Temple, and The Mormons.

Checked In: Germany, Austria & Switzerland.
Rating: 3 stars
Review: This travel DVD was decently informative, but I don't think I can jet to Germany after watching it. The main drawback is that it is close to 20 years old (post-Berlin wall, but pre-Euro). I'll know how accurate the information is once I watch some of the newer Rick Steves DVDs. Oh, and after I read one of his books. I do need to check out a book from the library eventually. :-)


david silver said...


have you considered adding thumbnail images of the stuff you check in and out?

Sara said...

I added an image to the first one because the SFPL's website had a pic, but the stuff I checked out this week was pictureless. In the future I might poke around on the internet and find a picture, but this morning I was just lazy.