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Checked Out:


I didn't have a chance to watch part 2, so this DVD is staying with me for a little while longer. Part 1 was pretty slow and put Zeph to sleep (literally), so I am hoping that part 2 will be better.

Checked In:
This DVD gave a good overview of the history of The People's Temple, as well as some background on Jones himself. I really liked how they incorporated the impact the Temple had on San Francisco, including San Francisco politics. Although it wasn't the topic of the DVD, it might have been interesting to add in a short bit on the connection between the Jonestown deaths and the homicide of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk.

Much better than the last travel DVD I checked out. This one was up-to-date, and had the added bonus of a few episodes on basic travel skills. I learned a lot about Germany, and a lot about packing and train travel. This DVD seems to have all of Germany covered (including the Rhine, Munich, and Berlin), so don't bother checking out any other ones.

I didn't even watch this DVD, so I can't comment on it. The Black Forest and Cologne were covered in the other movie I checked out.

P.S. The links in this post should work. How come nobody told me all of the links in the previous post were broken?!

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