A Broad Abroad

The last few months have been rather busy, and I am happy to report that I am taking a break. A European break.

Yes, I leave Friday afternoon for Germany, where I will stay for a few days before heading on to Copenhagen. The trip isn't all for pleasure, though. I am presenting my thesis at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, my first real conference presentation.

My mom is flying half way across the world to attend my panel, which makes me feel both slightly embarrassed and incredibly supported. I think I need to realize that growing up doesn't mean that your parents stop being proud of you. Mom never got to go to soccer games (an athlete I am not), so I am happy that she can come and support me at my academic events. Hmm, do we need a new "mom" demographic? Academic mom? Scholar mom? As long as it's not hockey mom.

Zeph and I are going on this adventure together, which means that the adorable kittens are being cared for by a tag-team of our roommate and a friend. Between the two of them (the people, that is) the kittens will surely get fed and their box will get cleaned. But it is so hard to leave the little furballs behind!

I will be traveling with a computer, however, so the blog will hopefully be updated a few times. I won't confine myself to topics that fit the green mission of this blog, but I am interested in seeing if Europe is the environmental utopia that American's always think it is.

Auf Wiedersehen!


sfdrummer said...

Bon voyage to you and Zeph, Sara, and I hope you have a dazzling time in Europe. It may not be utopia, but it is surely an alluring world over there.
(And of course, be careful!)

(Your aunt) Paula

Will said...

Good luck Sara! That sounds like a lot of fun.

Sara said...

Thank you! We will try and have as much fun as we can, which I think will be a lot. :-)