Update and Menu (9/23 to 9/30)

It has been almost exactly a year since my last post, and I have definitely enjoyed the break! Life has changed a lot since last September - I've started two jobs (and ended one), moved twice, traveled a fair amount, and finally feel that life is no longer in a state of flux. It really is amazing how much things can change in a year. Finally, I feel that I am in a place, physically and otherwise, where I will spend the next 3 years (*knocks on wood*). And, let me tell you, it is a happy place!

One the pieces of finally "settling down" (at least for me) is renewing my love of cooking and doing it much more often. I signed up for a CSA box, which definitely forces me to try new recipes, and I have fallen in love with the flour aisle at Rainbow Grocery. Always the planner, I have also started a routine of mapping out where the week is going (at least culinarily) once I get the list of veggies in my latest box. So why not share it? Here's what I ate last week (plus a few days from this week):

    Wednesday: Polenta with fresh tomato sauce

    Thursday: Nobody's home! Leftovers/eat what you will

    Friday: Pizza! Sausage and olives

    Saturday: Sara's working until 6 or 7...
    So she's making breakfast instead!
    Leftover sausage
    Oat Bran Pancakes

    Sunday: Squash Polenta
    Roasted Chicken
    Mixed Greens Salad

    Monday: Leftovers

    Tuesday: Cabbage
    Mashed Potatoes

I hope this will inspire you to have fresh, seasonal fun in your own kitchen. I'll post more in-depth about the squash polenta later - it was delicious! And eventually I should be up and running on flickr again, with some great pics to supplement the not-so-descriptive menu above. In the meantime, happy eating!

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