Senior Thesis

You can find a draft of my senior thesis here. Comments are greatly appreciated.


Megan said...

Very well done, I enjoyed it and Im excited for you about the opportunity to present your paper :)

Thanks for including me in your paper and good luck in the future!

Chelsea said...

A very interesting read. I'm glad I saw your post on the Facebook group and responded to it; having the interview and now reading your entire paper really makes it obvious how important the issue of gender is in the gaming world. I hope this kind of research spreads; I'd love to see a time where girls, of all personalities, are accepted and enouraged in the gaming world.

Sara said...

Megan - Thank you!

Chelsea - I agree with you, and I hope that the video game companies will soon realize that they should open their doors and invite the girls into the club.

Whitney said...

Sara, your paper is magnificent. You covered just about every type of player and did a great job of including the important aspects of the survey (and gameplay in general).
Good luck with everything. =D

sfdrummer said...

This thesis is fascinating, Sara, for someone like me who is entirely unfamiliar with online gaming. It'll be interesting to see how corporations respond and how their development and marketing of games evolves (or not) in the coming years.

(Your aunt) Paula