Sunday Fluff

I am still working on my post-talk entry for Brewster, but given the preponderance of librarian speakers we have had I think this is relevant...

Humorous Pictures


Amber said...

That lolcat is amazing.

Ivan Chew said...

It deserves a place at Cute Overload!

But seriously, your statement "the preponderance of librarian speakers we have had"... now THAT's an interesting observation. I haven't really considered that. But now that you mentioned it, Prof Silver did bring in a lot of library and information professionals for this Digital Literacy series. It just begs a post on the Why, doesn't it?

Sara said...

It does, Ivan! He's been very mum about the process of selecting the speakers. However, I think that is due to him wanting the class to evolve organically rather than imposing his own agenda on the students. That having been said, I still think that his formation of the class deserves a post or two.

And now I have a question for you. How do you and I, who are conversing on my blog, get him over hear to read our request? Like this? Doesn't that only work if he is "listening" for those who blog about him?

Ivan Chew said...

Sara, I'd email him! In the email, include the permalink to this post.

david silver said...

email works!


but you're right, sara - it is still difficult for others to know that they are being talked about/blogged about. it's massively easier than in the old days (mid 1990s) but still. one day soon, someone will create an application that will do just what we need.

wow, i haven't had anyone ask me, "yo, HOW AND WHY did you develop the syllabus?" personally, i'm fascinated by the very question. i've been thinking about a class like this off and on for about 2-3 years. i knew the focus would be (excuse the term) web 2.0 and i knew i wanted people who deal with information (librarians, bloggers, smart people) to share their thoughts. at the same time, i also wanted the class to develop from logging in to logging off, from spending a lot of time online to spending a lot of time offline.

hmm, maybe this is a topic for a post, eh? let's talk in class sara.

and hello ivan!!!!