Pre-Talk Post Re:Brewster Kahle

Tonight the Davie's Forum is hosting digital librarian and Internet pioneer Brewster Kahle. In preparation for the talk the students in the class read a few articles about Brewster, as well as the Open Content Alliance. Here are from of my favorite quotes from an interview with him (from an article in

"Revolutions aren't started by majorities. They come from leaders who see things that need to be done."

That is just awesome, and I hope that Brewster's work inspires many people to do the things that just need to be done. That reminds me, I have a social bibliography site to look into...

"I hope the book industry doesn't feel it needs to have centralized copy protection schemes. It's a trap."
I LOLed at this (cue Adm. Ackbar), but he is totally correct, once again. The RIA (which Brewster mentions in the interview) is in a total quagmire over DRM of music, to the point where having digital copies of music you legally own is now potentially illegal. Get over it, people! Well, that should actually read, "Get over it, corporations!"

"So we asked: How can libraries get these works on our digital bookshelves? Well, the way you ask a question like that in the United States is you sue the government."
Sad, but true. Suing, or threatening to sue, often makes things happen in the US. I wish it didn't always have to come to that, but it does. (Also another point where I LOLed)

All in all I am very excited about tonight's talk, and I definitely have some questions brewing (heh) for Brewster.

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