Delicious Meal

Those looking for my delicious meal post should head on over to my cooking blog, Sara's Scullery, for complete details on how to make yummy pasta sauce.

Ok, you have to look at the flickr set for complete details, but wouldn't it be fun to try making it just from looking at the images?

P.S. Has anybody noticed that my favorite literary device is alliteration?

ETA: Obtainment! Part of the assignment was to blog about the obtainment of the meal! Well, all the wonderful veggies as well as the olive oil came from Westside Organics (which I ramble on about here), and the tomato sauce and wine came from Trader Joe's. BTW, I love being in a class where the assignments usually begin with "blog about..."

Second edit: Edited a second time to fix some egregious typos. Apparently when I get excited I lose the ability to type!

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