Co-Authored Paper

My friend Cassidy and I are trying to convince our U.S. Inequalities professor to let us co-author our research paper for the course. We want to compare and contrast how pro-anorexia and fat-acceptance blogs/websites reframe medical discourse. Should be interesting, right? Come on, Nikki, you know you want to let us do it, if only so you can read the paper. :-)

I'll keep everybody updated on the progress of the project.


Anonymous said...

I'm the founder of myfatspouse (dot) com, and I would like to offer my help as well.

We deal with both groups.

Lately we have been countering the fat acceptance groups because they have become mobilized and militant in the last year.

Sara said...

I completely agree that your website supports eating disorders, but it is the exact opposite of a fat-acceptance site. How is giving individuals permission to divorce their spouses a move toward acceptance of all individuals regardless of body size?

< sarcasm>I agree that it is dangerous that the fat-acceptance groups have mobilized. I hate it when members of disenfranchised groups get together and try and change their situation. I mean, look at what happened with the feminist movement!< /sarcasm >

For the bystanders out there, I always said the most interesting things happen on blogs that allow anonymous comments. Here is my proof.

Anonymous said...

I see your planning on writing a very impartial, non biased, paper.

You obviously didn't read any of the forum did you?

Of course not your a smarty, smarty, college girl and you already have it all figured out.

Sara said...

I actually did read the forum, and, as a self-interested fattie, I disagree with most of it. I would be happy to discuss the movement with you if you leave some contact information. Alternatively, can I assume that comments entered on the "email myfatspouse" section of the site are sent to you?

The politics of fat-acceptance aside, I can indeed write an impartial paper on how fat-acceptance websites reframe medical discourse just as I could write one on how pro-ana sites reframe medical discourse. It's not whether or not I agree with the reframing that counts, merely how such a sociological phenomenon takes place.

Whether or not we agree on anything else, we should agree that this interaction is an interesting one that wouldn't have taken place without this blog.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sara is both fair and smart. One should feel honored to have her pay an ounce of academic interest to his or her website.

Smarty College Girl

indil said...


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