Checked Out/Checked In

Checked Out:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver


Back from the Land by Eleanor Agnew

I got caught up in reading other things, so this is still on the shelf. The first few pages weren't enough to entice me away from my other reading.

Checked In:

Margaret Cho Assasin

Not the best Margaret Cho stand-up I have seen. Her new style is very political, which would be ok if it didn't sound like she was just whining the entire time. And I miss the jokes about her mom.

The Mormons

The second part of this documentary was way better than the first. In fact, it references the important sections of part 1 with enough detail that you could skip it altogether and not be lost. A very good piece on contemporary Mormonism. Of course, if you are a total history nerd, you'll want to watch both parts.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Ok, so part of the reason I never got around to reading Back from the Land is that I got caught up in reading this book (and I also got behind on my blogging, which is why this book appears in this post twice). I love the writing, and I love that she uses the extreme example of her family to show how more middle-of-the-road households can make smaller changes in their lives. It's not overly preachy in its message, but it does cause one to think about where our food comes from. While I am not ready to trade my city digs for a farm in the Central Valley, I have made a trip to my local farmer's market and thought about alternative ways to feed (drink?) my soda water habit.

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