Tag Cloud

In class today, the Davies crew explored what it would be like to tag each other's blog posts (specifically, our "Best Blog Post Ever" assignment). We collectively tagged everybody's posts (except Steve, who is still working on his), and we came up with a list of 161 different tags.

I snapped a few pictures of the board, transfered all the data to a spreadsheet, and then created a paragraph of what our tags would look like. Since it takes almost an entire page, I won't post it here.

But I did found a sweet service that will create a tag could from any text you upload. Thus, you can find out collective tag cloud at Many Eyes. Enjoy!


david silver said...

THIS IS SO COOL SARA. great idea.

one question: some of the phrases seem to have been shortened to words. for example, "logging off" goes to "logging" and "away from civilization" goes to "civilization" - is that intentional?

what an excellent, excellent idea.

Sara said...

It was not intentional, but merely that I couldn't figure out a way to trick the system into accepting the phrases as one tag. I tried to put them in quotes, a la flickr, but all I ended up with were tags like: civilization" and "logging. I will work on the phrasing, and get back to you/everybody.